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Family News

First Half 2023

        So, six months have passed since my last posting. There were three reasons for this lack of communication, ignoring the fact that I am getting old and tired.
       First of all, Ev's passing causeed a great deal of paperwork. Just when it looked as though I had everything under control, my computer was severely hacked. This caused the need for even more work, changing  numbers and passwords for credit cards, bank accounts,and invetsment accounts. These changes still left me uneasy, therefore I decided to replace my four year old computer. More work. Now, halfway through the year, I am, in a way, back where I started. However, without a wife of 67 years and another 180 days on an old body.
       But, how could I dare complain. I have been blessed by a LOVING GOD, abundently and for approaching 90 years. Even today, as most of the world swirls in various stages of chaos I am only a sadly effected observer. My children and their familiesare all healthy and working. So far I have not given much thought toif or when I move out of the house. I am still reorganizing and getting rid of "stuff". The girls come by regularly and I get to the supermarket, Costco and a multitude of doctors. Life goes on.

       On April 1 we held a wonderful Memorial Service for Evelyn and left her ashes in the churchyard memorial garden. All the children & grandchildren were there. Emma and Taylor sang solos and our minister offered up one of Evelyn's old sermons on Love in place of her own offering. It was very moving.

Grandd & Mates

        The above picture was taken after the memorial service at the Canal Walk clubhouse. Non immediate family members can take a quiz sorting out the granddaughters and  their partners. I will add a few more photo to the Phoros/ USA Family section.

Me & Kids

Fourth Quarter 2022

        The final posting for this year is late primarily because there was little new to report. The exception being, sadly on November 1, my brother Erich died in Tucson Arizona.
.Erich 1998
        With Evelyn still in hospise, we remained house bound except for my solo shopping forays and doctor appointments. Thanksgiving and Christmas were very low key events for Ev and I. Our families celebrated these two holidays separately. On both occasions, the Ruggieries visited us before the actual holiday and the Fritzingers right after. Consequently, there were no big group pictures. Below are the best I could pull together.

J Xmas 22

C Xmas 22

WEK Xmas22E Xmas22KC Xmas22

Third Quarter 2022

        What a disappointment the past thirteen weeks have been. Little more needs to be said other than that our family here in our part of North America continues to be spared from most of the chaos. It is hard to decide between feeling blessed or guilty.

        Specifically, Ev has now been in hospice for over six months, remaining housebound. We continue to receive regular visits from our daughters and occasionally some granddaughters. Also had a surprise visit from Ev's nephew Robert D & his wife Faith.
        Dispite the drop in Covid cases, I continue to wear a mask on my shopping and doctors visits. Even though I now have the booster shot I do not want to risk bringing the virus home to Evelyn.

        It should be noted that on July 18, Walter (Herman) Queck died. He was the last of Johann Kruck's grand-children and was not quite 94 years old.
Herman Q

According my latest information, there are  ten of us (the next generation)
still hanging around.

Second Quarter 2022

        Another three months have quickly passed and there is little more on which  to comment regarding the state of our country or the world, except our Supreme Court seems to want to make things worse. It should be noticed that worldwide lots of money is being spent probing outer space searching for intelligent life. Apparently we have given up expecting much from those that are managing things down here.

        Dispite the continuing chaos, our family remains largely uneffected up until now. We continue to cope in our limited little world. Our girls and their children stop by regularly and both our sons have made brief visits from Florida. Especially noteworthy was a brief visit from Lauren & lindsay. They brought along our fifth great grand child,  Lily
.Ev & Lily

So ends the second quarter!

First Quarter 2022

        So, here we are at the last stage of our lives, well cared for and as comfortable as our old bones let us be. In the US the Corvid situation has improved in spite of the irrationality of the many who have shunned the vaccine. Undoubtedly the inflation rate has caused distress for many people but most of us continue to live well. Never the less, there is a great deal of discontent much of which seems to be fueled by people with a political agenda. Looking out at the rest of the world is certainly more frightening. Between the natural disasters worsened by our climate change, the massive refugee problems and now the insane invasion of the Ukraine, leads one to wonder if God is going to let us obliterate ourselves and then start over again.

            What an unhappy way to start a new recording year.

            As far as our personal lives are concerned, Evelyn and I have little news to report. Evelyn has not left the house this year. She uses a walker to move around inside and spends most of the day doing crossword & jigsaw puzzles. She also enjoys the sport shows on television. My ventures from the house are primarily to the supermarkets or the doctors. I still try to take my daily walks, even though they have gotten shorter. Therapy for the tear and arthritis in my left shoulder uses a great deal of time three days each week (I hope it will be worth the effort).
            In January, Evelyn officially entered into Hospice and she has weekly visits from nurses and a helper with her showers. An oxygen machine aids her sleep at night.
            One heartening result of the hospice announcement has been the outreach of people calling &/or visiting her. This, combined with the family visits from the NJ daughters and grand daughters, have made many pleasant days. The ladies usually bring dinner which is most helpful.

            According to Evelyn's nurse, Ev is the healthiest patient in their care. Consequently, we have no idea how long our current status will continue. Fortunately the baseball season starts in April and we have already renewed the subscription to MLB. This will once more provide HDTV access to most of the Boston Red Sox games. In closing I cite the most momentous family event of the quarter, he birth of our fifth great grand child, Lily Alexandra Meyer, January 8 2022.


Fourth Quarter 2021

        Disappointment ! Our optimism at the end of last quarter has been greatly tempered by the arrival of the Omicron variant of Corvid. We entered October looking forward to a somewhat maskless year end. Now as we start 2022, masking is again being mandated and/or strongly recommended. (at least in the sane parts of the country). Our church is again planning to hold the services on Facebook.

        In October, the summer's promising outlook was amplified when we got our booster shots. Visits from the Fritzingers and Ruggieries were regular and less restrictive. Grocery shopping and doctors visits were almost normal, even though most of us continued masking.

        November followed along the same lines. Toward month end, all of Jeffrey's gang came by for a short and welcome visit. It was our initial encounter with the three youngest of our four great grandchildren.

Mancinis       Meyers
     Chase, Lindsay, us, Garrett & Skyler Mancini                                  Lauren, Us, Isabella, John & Ford Meyer
We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Fritzingers along with the Ruggieries with minor restrictions.

         The ominous dark cloud of Omnicron appeared in December but we cautiously went ahead with our Christmas holiday plans. Sydney & Nolan came by one day to set up our tree which had been stored in the garage for two years. Christmas Eve and Day were celebrated at our individual homes. Ericha and Chuney came up from Virginia and were with the Fritzingers. The two of them came to visit Ev & I on Christmas day.
        The family gathering was held on the 26th at our house. All the cooking and cleanup was done by the visiting families; Ev and I were hosted in our own house. Everyone was there except Taylor who was sick with Covid and Ericha & Chuney who needed to return home due to early work requirements the next day.
Fam R  Fam F

        All things considered, our holidays were joyous and we have much for which to be thankful. 
Our family road through the year very well, except for the loss of two family members. Mike Noblitt passed away in July and Maureen Phraner in December.
Mike n            Maureen P

Also, it must be aknowledged that time has taken its toll on Evelyn & I. Ev was hospitalized several times during the year for problems with her conjestive heart failure. She strongly feels that when the next bout comes, she will go into Hospice rather than another hospital session. I too have been feeling my age. My daily walks have been getting shorter, golf has dropped from 18 holes to 9. My
round in early december  may well have been my last since I am no longer confident in my balance when swinging a club. "The wheels are starting to fall off".
        So,as we move ahead into 2022, we look forward hopefully to the defeat of the Covid virus. However, we cannot lose sight of our ongoing problems with a deteriorating environment and the bitter divides between all of God's children. The future facing our grandchildren, if these issues are not positively addressed, will be bleak.

Third Quarter 2021

        Looking back at the last three months, it appears as though Evelyn and I have settled into what can be considered our "new normal". As predicted, we are again able to have regular visits with our children and their families, (modified in the case of one unvaccinated granddaughter). We no longer travel, but this is due to reduced mobility and not the virus.
        When we leave our neighborhood it is usually for a doctor visit. These have been more frequent lately since Ev has been fighting an infection on her leg as a result of a melanoma removal. Our church services are again indoors but with social distancing and required masks. I continue to wear a mask when grocery shopping as do the major portion of other customers as well as all staff members. Outdoor activities, including my weekly golf are mask less.
Our clubhouse requires masking, still for all practical purposes, we are no longer hampered by Corvid.
        Here in the northeastern US, masking is still the norm and vacination rates are high. In those parts of the country, with Republican leadership, such is not the case. As a result, hospitals there are running at capacity and death rates are much higher. If I could type faster I would be tempted to comment at length on the subject. However, the "Lying Media" covers the topic quite well.

         In addition to regular visits from our girls, Werner & Angela came up from Florida in July. They stayed with us but also were able to get to the shore to see Carla & John's new home as well as to visit with Lisa & Karl. 
W&A wFritz

The following month, Jeff and Joanne stopped by for dinner on their way up from Florida to Boston.
        September featured our first "trip". Ev and I drove down to Bradley Beach for an afternoon visit with Carla& John to see their now mostly completed new home.

Second Quarter 2021

        By George, it looks like some of us have reached the end of the tunnel. While most of the world is still plagued by the Corvid 19 virus, our little "Kruck world" seems to be getting to somewhat normal. Unfortunately, we still have too many people in the country that believe and act as if there never was much of a problem in the first place. Therefore, as a country, we will not be normal for quite a while.
        As far as Evelyn & I are concerned, normal is ever changing. I continue my daily walk, but it has gotten shorter. We are again seeing our daughters and their children regularly at our home. Grocery and other shopping is now normal if one discounts the abundance of face masks, (there probably should be many more). Golfing is again approaching once each week, but the norm is now nine holes, not eighteen. Regular indoor church services have not yet happened but are planned to begin in mid-July, with restrictions.

        Undoubtedly abnormal was the fact that we "celebrated" our 66th wedding anniversary while Evelyn spent two nights in the hospital. They treated her for congestive heart failure. Once she returned home she was back as a normal 86-year-old lady with COPD. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, we have emerged from the lockdown very thankful but also feeling very much older.

        On the other hand, the increasing normality enables us to look ahead to visit from our sons. We expect Werner in early July and Jeff during August. Hopefully, as part of Jeff's visit we will also see his three (four) grandchildren - our great grandchildren. On this happy note I'll close with two photos.

Alex & I
Isabella & "Tante Alex"

Chase 14 months
Chase @ 14 months

First Quarter 2021

Do you see what I see?

        By golly, it looks like light at the end of the tunnel. As the first quarter of a new year closes, there are reasons to be optimistic. Evelyn & I had our second dose of the Moderna vaccine in the first week of March. Carla, Lisa and their spouses will complete the process in April.

        Our winter weather was uneventual except for the massive snowfall in early February. Remnants of that snow remained until the first half of March. Fortunately there were no driving problems getting to our "drive in vaccination" on the 6th. We traveled to the parking lot at RVCC, got our shots and were back home in less that 1 3/4 hours, never having to leave our car during that time. Finally being vaccinated immediately brought us a great sense of relief. Never the less, we continued our isolation past the second shot on March 6th, closing out our twelve months "quarante"

        The remainder of the month eased into what will become a new normal. Carla & Sydney came by one afternoon for an inhouse visit, first hugs and haircuts (with masks). Lisa and Carl came several days later for another cautious visit. There has also been a three-hour cleaning lady event. Evelyn has seen her doctor, we have both been to the podiatrist, I got to the dentist, we have both been to Costco, I am again going shopping and have once again walked the indoor mall, etc.

        Amazing how such mundane events seem exciting after being locked down for a year.
Hopefully, the second quarter report will show that we have moved from the opening image to the one below.



Fourth Quarter 2020

2020, the relentless year of worldwide disasters, has finally ended. The USA, unlike in past years, has shared in these disasters.  Forest fires and flooding have become more devastating because of global warming; Four years of the Trump presidency has allowed our suppressed racism and tribalism to boil to the surface, culminating in an election that mirrored those of so called “Banana Republics” and dictatorships; We remain in the throes of a pandemic that was and still is exacerbated by Trump’s denial of the scientific facts combined with the “lemming like behavior” of his followers (voters & Elected Republican officials); Added to all of this has been the increasing consciousness of all the underserved, poor, and uneducated that have been left behind.

Looking ahead into the new year we cautiously see reason for hope. It is expected that our country will again become active n the worldwide environmental community; The new Administration will certainly try to bring our people together in a growingly just and more equitable society; With vaccines becoming available progress can be made in controlling the virus (it will go faster if more people follow the masking and other recommendations); Finally, we must change our laws and systems in order promote the health and prosperity of all our people not just the 1%.

If we cannot do these things in the USA, they will hardly happen in other parts of the world.


Now on a more positive view. In the face of all the above troubles, our family has been among the least effected. Evelyn & I have now been physically separated from family and friends for ten months. This has been especially sad during all the holiday periods. Nevertheless, the weather has, so far, been warm enough to continue the brief outdoor visits from our daughters and their children (January & February may prove otherwise). Our personal day to day life continues as detailed in the third quarter update.

Consequently, looking back on the year we must acknowledge our blessings, especially:

Isabella Meyer joining big brother Ford this Spring, nicely rounding out granddaughter Lauren’s family.

 Meyer Fam

Shortly thereafter her sister Lindsay bringing son Chase into our world, thus making Jeffrey a three-time grandfather as well as Ev & I great grandparents of three.

  Mancini Family

Furthering the family expansion, grandfather Jeffrey wed the lovely JoAnn Symes.

 Jeff wedding


Lastly, Werner’s daughter Ericha married her partner Chunita Swint.

Erica & Chuni

We had the opportunity to meet the new spouses prior to the March lockdown even though we could not attend the weddings. The last two greatgrandchildren have yet to be held (only “behelden” on the internet. Hopefully, this will soon be remedied in 2021.



Third Quarter 2020

So, we have been in almost total lockdown for about seven months. What is that like?


        Yet, it is criminal to complain when so many people in our country are really suffering and masses of humanity in the rest of the world are even worse off.

        Evelyn and I continue to live comfortively and well fed in our home. The utilities supply fuel and power to keep us warm when it is cold as well as cool when the weather is hot, such has been the case this summer. Everything we need can be ordered and paid for via the internet. In most cases I drive to the supermarket or liquor store and the purchases are placed in the car trunk. Other items are delivered directly to our home, including all our medicines that arrive from the pharmacy, by mail, in two days. Our daughters, Lisa & Carla, and families fill in anything missing when they pass by for "distant" visits.

        Undoubtedly, the thing we miss the most is direct family contact. We now have three great grand children and have only held Ford, the first one. It makes me think of my own grandparents who were on the other side of the Atlantic, who I never met. With the winter holidays approaching it appears unlikely that anything close to past celebrations will be possible. Still, as of this writing, all of us are healthy and for the most part still employed, mostly working remotely. For this we are most grateful.

        So then, how do we old people spend our time and remain sane?

        Well, early during the lockdown The Metropolitan began a nightly streaming of the operas that had previously been simulcast to selected theaters over the past years on Saturday afternoons (eight to ten each year). These operas and the evening PBS news kept us occupied during many evenings. These streaming's are still underway but we have now moved on to the baseball, golf  and other sports offerings that have restarted. Unfortunately, Evelyn's beloved Boston Red Sox, as well as the NY Mets are miserable and will not be in the playoffs. On the other hand, the former Brooklyn Dodgers are playing very well as a Los Angeles team.

        Our daytime activities have definitely slowed down. For one thing, since March, Evelyn has just recently been to a doctor's office. In my case I have yet to see a doctor other than my dentist where I am going through a saga of broken tooth capping. As testaiment to this lockdown, I have used only one tank full of gasoline since the beginning of March.

         As long as we continue to stay well (a relative term for old people) Evelyn and I will contin
ue our lockdown into year end and probably longer.The rest of the family will, most likely, also observe continued caution. Hopefully, we will soon see tangjble signs of progress toward controlling the virus. Also, before year end, we should be on the way toward a change in Washington. With these last thoughts I conclude.

Second Quarter 2020

        This quarte
rly update is late because there is just about nothing good to say. I am anxiously but hopefully looking forward to November. Meanwhile, we are still healthy. Our family again got bigger with the addition of our third great grandchild. Chase Walker Mancini was born in Boston on April 3.

Chase Pic

First Quarter 2020

        The year started quietly and reasonably well, considering Trump was still President. Weatherwise, we experienced a virtually snowless and warm winter. By the close of the quarter all indications are that this could become one of the worst years in history, even if we vote Trump out of office in November. It serves no purpose for any further comment on my part regarding the state of the world and the incredible suffering taking place, So, on with the events during the past three months in this small "Kruck World".
        Evelyn and I spent the first day of January peacefully at home, once more enjoying the annual concert from Vienna. To my mind, this broadcast is always the year's finest TV offering. On the weekend of the 10th, Werner & Angela came up for a three- day visit. Lisa & Karl joined us one day while Carla & John stopped by on another.

        Officially, Evelyn's 85th birthday was a "nonevent" luncheon for the two of us. With a large part of the NJ family here at Christmas, it seemed pointless to try to round them up again so soon. Also, Ev really did not want a big party.
        The remainder of the month included three Metropolitan Opera broadcasts (Aida, Girl of the golden west, Samon & Dalila) as well as many basketball games.

        Quite frankly, February would have also been uneventful, except that I again broke off a front tooth. This required three long sessions (into March) at the dentist preparing for an eventual Cap. Each session finished with a temporary tooth. The Cap was scheduled for late in March.

        March arrived but instead of me getting a Cap (Crown) on my tooth, we got the Coronavirus. Based upon our advanced ages and especially Ev's COPD, we have been self quaranteed since the 10th. All doctors' appointments were cancelled, the church and all meetings closed and all my shopping trips stopped. I was able to schedule several grocery deliveries early in the month. Now at month end the delivery schedules seem impossible to break into.
        On the other hand, life goes on, as evidenced by the March 10th birth of our second great grandchild, Isabella Grace Meyer.
IZ 3

        As I write this, we are also eagerly awaiting the birth of a Mancini boy. This child was scheduled for birth in late March and appears to be waiting until the very last minute. We are all naturally anxious considering the virus problems in the hospitals.
 Fourth Quarter 2019

        It is hard to believe that another year has gone by. Equally amazing, Evelyn & I are still here. Certainly, we have slowed up over the past months. Ev is no longer swimming, she has stopped driving and is no longer comfortable shopping. Although I still manage my daily walks and play golf, the pace is slower. We are no longer planning to go to Florida or for that matter anywhere.
        Nevertheless we have been greatly blessed, manage to function quite nicely here at Canal Walk and get around locally. We get to church, Ev's bible studies, an occasional restaurant and special events at our clubhouse.

        October was relatively quiet. I managed to get in a weekly round of golf and between us we had an equal number of doctors' appointments.
        Early in the month we drove down to Bradley Beach for lunch with Carla & John. Their house renovation had been moving along nicely toward completion. At month end Emma came up for a lunch visit.

        Weather in November was not very good for golf, so we had more time for doctors visits, seven, and one funeral. We old people sure go to fun places.  
        On the ninth Sydney and Nolan invited us for lunch at their new apartment in Garwood. Then, more fun, our new heating system was down again for two days.
        Mid-month the holiday season started with a short visit from Jeff's girls. They brought great grandson Ford, their spouses, as well as pizza for lunch.


        Taylor showed up the evening before Thanksgiving to prepare for the festivities. The holiday was celebrated with Lisa and Carla and their extended families (except Elise & Alex). The day ended, not only with the departure of the guests but also Evelyn's Sebring convertible. No longer comfortable driving, she gave the car to Carla.

        As in the prior month, December had seven trips to doctors. Evelyn experienced breathing difficulties which was probably a touch of Pneumonia. However, by Christmas she was again OK. We had a quiet Christmas Eve, including church. On Christmas day all the extended NJ Kruck family plus granddaughter Ericha and friend Chuni were here for thr gala festivities. Most of the work again being shouldered by our girls.

        The next day, Jeff, who spent Christmas with his girls in Boston, drove down to visit. ("since he was in the neighborhood").
        Ev and I again ushered in the new year quietly and thankfully and thankfully together together.

Third Quarter 2019

        As I reviewed the past quarter the word mundane came to mind. Of course, I am referring to the little world here at Canal Walk. I play golf and take my local walks and Evelyn manages to usually get to the pool two or three times each week. We have our assortment of doctors visits each month and get to church most Sundays. Other "highlights" range from watching the Boston Red Sox & NY Mets miss the seasonal playoffs to my regular visits to the pharmacy, super-market and Costco.

        Beginning in July, Evelyn's mobility began to return to her now "normal". Her COPD will continue to restrict her from any extended walking. Consequently, all shopping trips are mine alone. She is quite frustrated because she is unable to tend her garden and I am of little help there. Nevertheless, she gets around the house and with a bit more help on my part we are managing. By mid month she was again going swimming and driving to her Tuesday bible studies. I, of, course was back golfing from the start of the month, despite the unusually hot weather.
        On the 18th Carla stopped by after work bringing dinner, a mini celebration of my 86th birthday.

        The hot summer continued throughout August. " Mundane was in full force. On the 20th John and Taylor stopped by for dinner. The month closed out with other visits from Lisa & Karl as well as a lunch visit from Elise.

        September ambled along with one disruption, mid-month Evelyn's dermatologist found a melanoma on her cheek. We were required to make several morning treks to Morristown for removal and subsequent stitches. She again was unable to go swimming (using the indoor pool) until early next month.
        Lisa & Karl came up on Saturday the 21st to do some garden cleanup and shrub trimming. The following Saturday I wandered around Colonial Park for three hours. There was a "Franklin Township Fair" in progress that was well attended.

        As a final entry for the quarter I have included a recent photo from granddaughter Lauren that makes a joyful announcement.

Second Quarter 2019

        It seems it is always time to update "The Khronicles of Kruck". I am beginning to feel like Frodo, looking to pass the book and task to Sam. Meanwhile, our family continues to be blessed even as the world maintains its downward spiral orchestrated by an unbelievably ridicules excuse of an American president.

        At any rate, April passed by quietly which might be considered the preferred norm. We had a nice Sunday lunch at Sydney and Nolen's new appartment in Garwood.
        As anticipated, the cortisone shot worked and I started playing golf while Evelyn continued to use the indoor pool. Sydney & Nolen came over to plant flowers in Evelyn's garden and we contracted out the heavy mulching and edging work. The baseball season started and our subscription to performed extremely well thru the $39 Roku attachment.

        We celebrated Easter Sunday here with our girls and their families.


        May started well and we had an early Mother's day with the Ruggieris and all was fine thru mid-month. Then, on the 18th, Ev fell and broke a bone in her right foot. Dispite pain, she did not feel it was serious. Ten days later we got her to the doctor. A three part break was revield and a boot was put on her foot. She was told to not walk unless necessary such as going to the bathroom or to bed. This left me as the only mobile person in the house. 

        June was a complete lockdown month. Except for doctors visits, Evelyn was camped in her rocking chair in front of the TV and her laptop PC. Lisa and her girls came up the  first Saturday in June for lunch and brought veggies from their  Co-op.  Karl and Lisa  came up again later in the month bringing prepared meals  and more. vegetables. Thank heavens for Roku and the Boston Red Sox and other base ball games. I managed to still play golf until the 10th. Then I recieved seven stitches in my right thigh, closing up the gash were a melanomia was removed.  A week later Carla showed up with dinner, a lot of which went into the freezer to supplement the excellent cuisine that I had been creating, as well as that brought by Lisa.

        Near month end, the weather started to get really hot. Consequently we turned on our newly installed airconditioning system. It did not work! Another two day "highlight" to a dismal month.

        Stitches were finally removed at month end and mobility restored. We are looking for things to improve in July. As in the past weeks, I have been able to leave Evelyn alone for extended periods of shopping , church and other errands, now golfing  should also be possible. Hopefully, before July ends Evelyn will again be mobile and able to enjoy the rest of the summer, especially swimming.

        Must close out the quarter with a happy tone, picture of our great grand son Ford at nine months.

Ford 9 Mo.

First Quarter 2019 

        Here we are again, well into another year and certainly feeling older. Upon the death of her aunt Anna, Evelyn in now the matriarch of the Doffek-Pink-Muller Clan. I am one of a base of over 60 aunts, uncles and first cousins born in the first third of the 1900s and many reaching a "biblical age" Still living are three of my father's cousins as well as three to six of my older first cousins from my mother's side. Its amazing we have lasted this long, all be it with some aches and pains and the assistance of modern medicine. and many doctors. Unable to walk very much, Evelyn continues to swim several days each week. I walk almost every day and after getting another cortisone shot, I anticipate again golfing by April.

          January's highlight was undoubtedly watching Grand daughter Tayler being sworn into The New Jerrsey Bar Association and becoming an Assistant Prosecutor in Hudson County. Photo below shows Evelyn holding the Bible during the swearing in.
swearin g
            Earlier in the month we had lunch with Carla & John at their new residence at the shore. To call it a work in progress is being kind. However, they are delighted and by this time next year the refurbishing should be complete and the drama behind them.
        Rounding out the month were: lunch here with Lisa & Karl, lunch in Bound Brook with the Shives, a band concert at the clubhouse, as well as the usual doctor's appointments.

        We headed off to Daytona Beach at the start of February for a three week visit with Werner & Angela (via auto train). Unfortunately, my back pain returned, and I was unable to play golf. That combined with Evelyn's limited mobility kept us indoors
a large part of the three weeks. Our arrival the morning of Super Bowl Sunday allowed us to attend the "watching party" at Werner's new home.
19w house
        The following Friday, Jeffrey came up for an overnight visit. Werner hosted an excellent dinner at his club for what could be considered an eclectic group. Included were: KC and her fiance Kevin, Angela's mother with her 2nd husband Robert, and Angela's daughter Christine.

        Soooo, another year has come to an end and by the Grace of GOD we are still here. We continued to be blessed all-be-it older and achier. It is indeed difficult to understand the good fortune of so few of us when it is compared to the miserable circumstances being experienced by the vast majority of the world's people.

        Our October, generally speaking, was a pleasant month. I was able to golf on four of five wednesdays. Evelyn, on the other hand, had her swimming sessions confined to the indoor pool with a limited schedule. Since she is no longer able to walk very far, we decided to increase her mobility around the neighborhood by purchasing a battery augmented tricycle. ""
Ev Bike
She managed to use it several times during the month. Thereafter cold and windy weather confined her new wheels to the garage until spring. The month ended with a pleasent visit from son Jeffrey and BIG DOG Major. They were on their way to Florida and were forced to drive since the airlines were not inclined to take a Bernese Mountain Dog.

          We continue to enjoy the talented outside entertainment brought into Canal Walk. Early in November it was provided by the New Jersey Festival Orchestra, playing a program of "French related" classical music.Included were selections from Bizet's Carmen, works by Saint Saens, Dukas, Offenbach and ending with "American in Paris".

        The December holiday season arrived quickly. On the 17th Sidney & Nolan came by to help us put up the Christmas tree. Moving along into the season, Ev & I attended the Rotary Xmas Lunch where we were again entertained by the Somerville HS Choir. Taylor joined us at the Christmas Eve service at our church. She came earlier in the day to help Evelyn get ready for the Family celebration at our house on Christmas day. Joining Ev & I were Lisa and Carla with their families plus Nick, Nolan and Alex.
Xmas 2018
Third Quarter  2018

        As we enter into the autumn season it is time to look back to what has in many ways been an unpleasant summer (am not even mentioning politics). When it was not raining, the weather was unusually hot and humid. In either case, my golfing and even Evelyn's swimming time was greatly reduced. This, coupled with Ev's ongoing COPD and on my part a nasty period of arthritis, kept us home-bound a good part of the summer. For Evelyn, the saving grace was that she was able to watch all the Red Sox games and they usually won.  In many ways it seems to be ungrateful to lament about being "trapped" in a nice air conditioned house and the amenities with which we are surrounded. Never the less, it appears old age has caught up with us.

        At any rate, in July we were again able to view to Metropolitan Opera broadcasts through PBS HD  transmissions. Rossini's Semiramide and Mozart's Cosi fan Tutti were most pleasant diversions. We also attended an Imperial Brass concert at our clubhouse.
        Early in the month I joined members of the local Von Steuben Society for a day trip to the Monmouth Battlefield. We were given an informative presentation on the Baron's participation in the battle as well as a brief tour of the area. Lunch was at a nearby craft brewery.
Von Stu

        Toward month end we were at Lisa's for a quiet celebration of my 85th birthday.
WHK 85

        August was undoubtedly the quietest month. PBS broadcast the same production of Verdi's Luisa Miller that Carla and I saw live earlier in the year. We also watched the Vienna Philharmonic from Schoenbrun Palace. The Vienna  broadcasts are undoubtedly among the best PBS offerings. During the month, Lisa & Karl stopped by and cleared out weeds from Evelyn's garden. As a consequence  of our aging process  we are unable to tend the garden properly and will be making plans to simplify the layout by next year.

        The September Labor day weekend,  except for a brief breakfast visit from Carla, John & Taylor,
was uneventful.
 That is until our first great grand son, Ford Hamilton Meyer, arrived on the 4th..

 The month's PBS broadcast of Massenet's Cendrillom was well sung  but the production was poor. By mid month things started to look up. My arthritis eased up and Ev's doctor said she was doing well with her COPD. She continues to swim and I was again golfing and taking my daily walks.
        The last part of the month provided sadness in contrast to Ford's arrival.. On the 23rd Cousin Lotte Kruck died two months short of her 97th birthday. She was among my favorite people. There is little I can say better than Sigrid Hohn said in tribute to Lotte at her 85th birthday party. This tribute is printed in the Photos/ Kruck-Zimm. section.

        We ended the month at Lisa's, visiting with Robin, my 2nd cousin-once removed. Robin was in the US for a friend's wedding and of course to see all of us. Prior commitments prevented Carla's girls from being there.
Robin & Gang
Shown standing, Left to right are Evelyn & I, John & Carla, Karl & Lisa. Seated cousin Robin, Nick, Emma & Elise .

Second Quarter 2018

        April again, as March, was colder than normal. Between the cold, wind and rain, it turned out to be the first April in memory that we did not play golf. We spent the first day, Easter Sunday at the Fritzingers along with the Ruggieris.

    The following Monday Carla and I went into NYC to see Verdi"s Luisa Miller at the Met. Before hand, we had a nice walk along side Central Park. I could not resist taking a photo of the grand old Dakota. This was the home of John Lennon and the place he was murdered.
The opera was well done and of special interest because the aging  tenor Placido Domingo sang the baritone roll of the father.

    Carla & John visited during the final week and the month ended with a very nice PBS broadcast of Donizetti's L'Elisir d'Amore.

    Things got much better in May. Not only were we able to regularly play golf but I also spent a week in Germany with my two sons.

    We arrived separately at the Stuttgart Airport the morning of Tuesday, May 8. Werner E rented a car and drove. Jeffrey and his GPS navigated, not without incident, as he initially started us toward the Hotel Krone in Stuttgart instead of the one in Gerlingen.
Entry of the proper destination got us to our hotel and after check in we spent the afternoon  acquainting the guys with old family sites which of course included the cemetery. In the evening we attended an illustrated presentation about the way Gerlingen had changed and grown during the past 60 years It was at the new Town Hall and we were with Roland & Sybille. By chance we also ran into cousin Gunter Pfund and his wife Monika. As  would be the case throughout the week, each day would end at a local bierstube and then dinner.


    Wednesday, our first full day, started with a FULL breakfast at the hotel. As would be the case for subsequent days, this meal would carry us through the day up until bierstube time. Accompanied by Roland, we headed north to Sindringen, my mother;s birth town. This area,the Kochertal, is home to the old Kohlhammer families. Unfortunately, the deaths of my primary contacts eliminated the opportunity to visit cousins. We took a walking tour through the old town of Sindringen passing by the site where the Kohlhammer haus had stood. While we got to see the old "1000 year old church" we were not able to get inside.At the end of our walk we rested at the beirstube  in The local Krone before heading  toward Schontal.
    Driving along the Kocher we passed family towns such as Ernsbach and Christahofen as well as going through the walled town of Forchtenburg. Schontal is an impressive  monastery complex
on the Jagst river, founded in 1153, (worth a look @, .Retreating back to the Kocher we continued on to Schwabisch. Hall and old medieval  city (1276) with a magnificent church atop a hill with a long,wide stairway leading up to it from the Rathaus at the town center. After a few biers we headed back to Gerlingen our regular bier break and another excellent dinner.
    By Thursday the guys were ready for a break from scenery and old German stuff so, along with Roland & Sybille, we headed to the Porsche Museum. Returning, we stopped outside Gerlingen at Schloss Solitude and then again bier & dinner.
    Friday, just the three of us headed south to Hohenzollen Castle the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal House. Surprisingly, it is still owned and operated by  Royal Family descendants It is located atop  a mountain 2805 feet above sea level, thereby providing a challenging "hike up the hill" for this old guy, we did have several short stops.( )
    Not surprisingly, on Saturday, the guys again opted for a car museum rather than another rural tour. The Mercedes Benz museum is perhaps a bit better than Porsche.but since they are both spectacular a comparison is meaningless. This time instead of driving, we took the train into Stuttgart and the bus to the museum Again,the Roland Krucks were with us. The Gerlingen train station sits directly behind the old Kruck/Zimmermann hauses, separated by the tracks. A large garden, hidden by a barn, and a parking  area,are all part of the old Kruck haus. Since the Krone is only several short blocks away  we were able to keep the rental car there thus avoiding hotel parking fees.  Roland's mother Marianne still lives in the house so we were able to have several short visits with her, including a barn & garden tour.The Zimmermann haus is presently unoccupied since the deaths of the three older Pfunds.
    When we finished at the MB museum we bussed to downtown Stuttgart and toured the extensive plaza area with it's old and new castles, Opera house, park areas, restaurants and shopping areas.
    Our last full day, Sunday, was low key. We visited the Gerlingen museum and revisited the cemetery for more photos. During the afternoon we stopped by Lotte's again as she was feeling better than when we were there on Tuesday.  Cousin Marianne Z Katz was also there. We later visited with Hermann Queck and Erika. Their daughter Suzanne was also briefly there. Finally closed out the day with dinner at one of the few restaurants open on Sunday night. Roland & Sybille came by later for a few final biers.
    Breakfast on Monday was earlier than usual but still substantial. Then off to the airport for our individual journeys home. My long layover in London was quite relaxing since I had entry into the executive lounge based upon my business class travel. Using long ago acquired travel miles, my round trip flight cost me $117 out of pocket.
Note: Trip photos are posted in the Photo/Travel section

    At month end the girls all came up for a Memorial Day Sunday visit.


    In June everything returned to the normal slower pace. I golfed, Evelyn swam and we both continued to visit with various doctors. Our clubhouse events committee hosted  an Opera  concert that was most enjoyable, Later in the month PBS aired the new Met Opera production of Tosca,which was far superior to the ill stage one that had replaced the long running Zefferelli staging.. Toward month end, granddaughter  Lauren stopped by for lunch carrying  our future great grandson in "the incubator".he

First Quarter 2018

    Well, we are into a new year and the world, despite some political ranting, has not ended. Never the less, our weather for the last three months sure seems to have reflected our lack of action on global warming. Since mid December temperatures here in NJ have whipsawed back and forth between well above and well below average. February was the warmest on record. It was 80 degrees on the 21st. March rolled in with cold weather and strong storms, including snow on the first day of spring. The final week fortunately stayed above freezing.

    Evelyn and I started January peacefully at home. No late year end party. Emma came up for lunch on the 6th and helped take down the Christmas Tree. On the 9th Carla came by. also for lunch. Evelyn's 83rd birthday was simply recognized by the two of us having a Sunday Brunch at the nearby Stagehouse Tavern. Lisa & Karl came to visit the next day bringing their well wishes.
month's cold weather kept us pretty much housebound except for church, grocery shopping and the usual doctors visits. Evelyn also managed to get to the indoor pool although not as often as she wished. Likewise, I managed to get out for most of my daily walks. There were several days that the weather was so bad that I did my walking at the indoor shopping mall.
    On the 28th we headed to the auto train, south of Washington, and took the overnight trip to Florida. By the next evening we were fully settled in at Werner's condo. The following evening he and Angela came by with pizza.
    Werner's availability during our visit was great. We played golf on the 2nd, they were with us for dinner at the condo the following evening and we had a mini Superbowl party at their home on the 4th.

Fla S Bowl

With W&A

Cindey E

    March roared in with wind and rain and snow. Fortunately we did not lose power but our cable, telephone and Internet were out for 30 hours beginning on Friday at 6pm . No sooner were we plowed out and everything was again "normal" we got hit with a second storm on Tuesday. Again, snowed in for two and a half days. There was a bit of snow the following week and then another snowstorm the first day of spring.
    On Saturday the 24th, with the weather much improved, I went into Somerville to the #enough demonstration, very interesting!


Fourth Quarter 2017

       October was a month for dinners and doctors. Early in the month the Ruggieri girls invited us to their new apartment where Taylor prepared an excellent meal. They are renting the two upper floors of a stately old building on the end of Main Street Flemington.
      6 E. Main
        Later in the month we attended an IHN Gala during which a member of our church was honored for many years of leadership in housing the homeless in our area. Five or six times each year the church takes its turn to house and feed from one to four families for a full week. At the end of the month Lisa and family provided us with another fine meal.

        The baseball season did not end well for Evelyn's Red Sox as they lost early in the playoffs. My Dodgers fared considerably better but lost the final (7th) game of the World Series. Locally, the weather was good for amateur sportsmen and we played golf every week.

        November was much like the previous month. The weather was good , allowing for another month of golf. Evelyn continued to use the indoor swimming pool. Carla and John came down for lunch and did some Fall garden cleanup work up. Emma came by for a lunch visit and we were invited to dinner by the Schives. Thanksgiving was a family affair at the Fritzingers with the Ruggieris.

        With December we got an indication of winter arriving. Our golfing days were canceled by rain and the good days were scheduled for mundane things such as doctors appointments. Never the less, I continued to walk almost every day until the 28th when the temperature  never reached 20 degrees F. The rest of the month was just as cold and I was forced to take several trips to the Mall for my walks.
        One afternoon,Carla & John were down for lunch, Subsequently Taylor was here for Dinner and on the 16th Emma & Nick were here to have lunch and put up our Christmas Tree.
        Ev & I had a quiet Christmas Eve including church at 9:00pm.The girls, like wise, attended their churches. Christmas day would have been equally quiet except that my cousin Helga along with her son Brian & family stopped by for a short visit.

        Well, the year is over and fortunately we are all still here and in various stages of good health. That's the good news. On the other hand, looking ahead to 2018, optimism appears to be in short supply except for the Stock Market (so far). Tribalism is growing; income gaps within countries and between countries are expanding; the increasing deterioration of the environment is at best being recognized, only partially addressed and sadly too often denied. Worst of all we are faced with two unstable world leaders controlling atomic arsenals. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! w Worst of all

Third Quarter 2017

        Again, we reached the end of summer. The weather was somewhat cooler than last year and with ample rain, thereby reducing the need for watering the lawns. Everything was nice and green, no brownouts, throughout the summer.

        July was pleasantly peaceful (dull?), in part due to my attending therapy for my ailing back twice each week. By month end, with the aid of Advil, I was finally able to play 9 holes. With the good weather, Evelyn was able to enjoy the outdoor pool on a regular basis and I managed to maintain my daily walking schedule. Fortunately walking did not hurt.
        We were at the Fritzingers on the 16th to celebrate my birthday, which was the month's "social highlight".whk 84 The lesser events were a dinner at the Deutsche Club and a Band Concert at our   clubhouse.

        During the first part of August, we had separate visits from the Ruggieries and the Fritzingers. The focus of the visits was the viewing of an extraordinary video "Perhaps Love". The video was created by Lisette Mancini, Lindsey's mother in law. Lindsey & Garrett were the focus through photos, video presentation and commentary from their parents and siblings. A totally professional production.
        By mid month I had lost patience with and funding for the therapy. I had x-rays taken and gotten a cortisone shot. That, up to now, seems to have corrected my problem and I returned to golf (not up to previous standard).
        We closed out the month with a new rug for the great room. The R
uggieri girls picking up the old one for their new apartment.

        Werner & Angela started off our September with a visit.A & W E They arrived on the first and left on the fifth. This provided ample time for each of his sisters and families to spend an individual day with us and the "Florida Krucks".
        Later in the month we had a very pleasant Pizza lunch with Sidney and Nolan. Also, I had lunch with an old business colleague, Jim Cutro.The month ended with a neighborhood party, a lunch visit from Emma and finally a funeral for an old church member.

        Focusing on family and friends I must say we had a great summer. As of this posting, Evelyn's Red Sox are still clinging to their American League East lead but may still blow it to the Yankees by Oct.1. She is "as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs".
        Looking at the big, worldwide picture, the summer was one disaster after another. Three hurricanes in the USA, earthquakes in Mexico, flooding in Asia and drought in Africa. To make matters worse, our leadership in Washington is in ignorant denial regarding climate change. This same leadership appears to be intent upon widening the gap between our citizens as well as undermining our status throughout the world. To quote an ignoble source "Sad".    

Second Quarter 2017

        Once again we come to the close of a quarter. Health wise, Evelyn and I continue to plod along. Ev is experiencing short
ness of breath and undergoing extensive tests to try and determine the cause. My shoulder problems have gotten better but have been replaced by back pains. Never the less we have had a nice spring season.

        Early in April we visited Lisa and family and saw my cousin Helga Richter who lives nearby. Easter was celebrated  with the entire New Jersey family at the Ruggieri's. It was a lovely day and we ate by the pool.

Easter Pool

        On the 23rd I was at a sparsely attended Von Steuben Society meeting. It appears that we German-Americans are not very interested in celebrating the contributions that our forebarers made to our history, not even the "Father of the American Army".
        The next evening Carla & I attended an excellent performance of "Der Rosenkaviler" at the Metropolitan Opera. This was apparently one of Renee Fleming's final appearances in a staged opera.
        As evidenced by the Easter weather, April was a great month for golf and we got out all four weeks.

        The good golf weather continued through May. Taylor came up for lunch on the 5th and we watched the "Bluray" DVD of the latest Harry Potter - Wild Beasts. On the 8th Lisa & I went to the Opera and saw "Der Fliegenden Hollender", again well done at The Met. Also, saw the recent production of Nabucco broadcast from The Met and featuring the ageless (but fading) Placido Domingo.
        Mid-month John came up for lunch and edged/mulched Evelyn's gardens. We also had the driveway commercially resealed, thereby being ready for summer. Mothers' Day was at the Ruggieri's.
        Family activity intensived toward months end with three college graduations in four days. Taylor got her Law Degree on the 18th from Rutgers in Camden NJ.
Two days later we traveled to Wilks Barre PA to see Emma get her Architectural Degree from Marywood and then we drove to Connecticutt where Alex graduated from Connecticutt College the following morning.
Tay Grad

emma G

Alex Gr
         Before returning home we overnighted with Evelyn's long term friend Pauline and her husband Bob Hale. We closed the month with a visit from Carla & John.
Po & Bob

        The following day, except for an informal evening wine and reception, was left open for exploring the town.

First Quarter 2017

        So, the first three months of the Trump presidency are over. While the world has not yet literally gone to blazes, it may  creditably be argued that figuratively it is well on its way. We are now 1/16  of the way through. Some years ago the "POGO" character said "We have met the enemy and it is us". We did it to ourselves!

      In contrast to the larger world picture, in the little world of the old American Krucks  January was boring if one ignores the medical episodes. Early in the first week (I was feeling fine) my doctor detected a heart irregularity and sent me over to the cardiologists. They then put me on a heart monitor for two weeks plus three days of tests. They found no major problems. Meanwhile, I was still undergoing physical therapy for my right shoulder and providing income for the dentist.
        Evelyn, despite some aches and pains,  navigated through her bible study groups, history club and her swimming. We are "surf & turf", she swims and I walk.
        Outside entertainment was limited to an excellent Harmonia Strings with piano concert, held at our clubhouse. Evelyn's 82nd birthday was celebrated the 17th with the Ruggieris
Ev & Girls 82nd

        On the 28th & 29th, with medical clearance, we took the Auto Train  to Florida.

The weather in Florida this February was the best we encountered in years. During the first week we, as customary, visited Evelyn's cousin Cynthia in The Villages as well as Mary Cade in Gainesville.
Mary & Ev 17

        We also stopped by the  Cade Inovation Center to see her daughter Phoebe & husband Richard. The latter gave us a brief tour of the present facility and a look at the Museum construction site which is expected to be open early next year.
At Cade Museum 17

        Werner E's travel and work schedule was sufficiently flexible and we were able to play golf on all three Fridays we were there. This also allowed multi visits and dinner dates including another Super Bowl Party.
Euro 17

        By the evening of the 18th we were again home safely and had missed the years first big snowstorm. The weather was pleasant considering it was mid-February. Hopefully we had avoided winter. All that remained was to finish up the postponed medical stuff and for me medical clearance for the removal of a Cataract in my right eye next month.

       Carla, Lisa and husbands came up for dinner on March 5th, a very pleasant visit. Based upon the, so far, mild winter, we had entered March confidently. WRONG! The weather was cold and windy most of the month.  We had a major snowfall on the 11th, which was the day my surgery was scheduled. the rescheduled event went well and after 6 days I was cleared to get on the golf course (weather permitting and the snow melting).

        When it finally warmed up on the last week, it became rainy. Consequently, unlike last March when we played on 4 consecutive Wednesdays, this March we were shut out.

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